This is a “now page“. Here you will find some information about what’s going on in my life right now. Have a read to find out what I’ve been up to recently.

Where am I?

London, UK

Home Renovations

Following a leak in April 2021, we’ve had to renovate the bathroom, lounge and kitchen. Renovation work is largely complete now, and we’ve moved back into the flat. As of right now, there are still a couple of snags to get sorted, but the intention is to finish those up pretty soon.


Since last updating this in January, I’ve been to Athens, Oslo and New York (twice). Whilst the travel schedule has been pretty hectic, it has definitely been nice to go exploring after a couple of years of not being able to leave the country. I’m currently in the process of planning a trip to Mexico City, Belize and Guatemala in the latter part of the year. If you have been to any of these locations and have recommendations, let me know!

Content I’m Consuming


Recently I haven’t been able to dedicate too much time to reading books, but on my backlog to get through is “Crossing the Chasm” and “How to be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question“.


Since the last update, I managed to pretty aggressively work my way through Money Heist (fantastic show, had me gripped from start to finish!). Current shows I’m watching include “Only Murders in the Building” and Stranger Things Season 4. On the movie-front, I recently watched Thor 4: More Thor Thor: Love and Thunder. I’m also looking for someone who wants to watch “Everything Everywhere all at once” with me, as I’ve been hearing rave reviews but haven’t managed to watch it myself.


I’ve started listening to a podcast called “Darknet Diaries“, that delves into real life security hacks and security breaches. It’s both terrifying and intriguing, and has definitely made me think a lot more about the sort of digital paper trail I leave behind me. On my list to start is “Lenny’s podcast“, which delves into Product Management. Musically I’ve been leaning into my tendency for nostalgia by binge listening Nitin Sawhney and Niraj Chag (two of my favourites from my late teens and early twenties).


The most recent meal I made for people was a Shakshuka. Easy, healthy and tasty. When I get some time, I’ll be sure to write up the recipe on my blog.

Last updated 11th August 2022