About Me

I enjoy travelling, comedy, cooking, technology and much, much more.

Currently working for a FinTech Saas company, I joined tech in 2017 after some time working for a few investment and private banks.

This website is the result of me buying a domain name and then realising I actually have to do something with it. I’ll mainly be using it to house writing, recipes and anything else I might end up wanting to publicise / publish.

I’d love it if you got in touch, so please feel free to contact me. I don’t mind if it’s related to one of my recipes that you have loved (or hated!), suggestions on things to write about or even if you just want to make a friend – it will be great to hear from you!

Me, enjoying a coconut in Vietnam on Christmas day, 2019

What’s on my website


I was encouraged to start a blog by a friend of mine, Chirag, who publishes articles on his own blog about Technology and Product Management. There won’t be any specific themes to this blog, instead I’ll write about topics that are of interest to me at the time


Whether it’s baking Christmas Cookies, making Paprikash or mixing up cocktails, I like to cook. I’ll share recipes for the things I make on here. I’ll also try and make them compatible with Google Assistant, so that you can use a google device to cook along, step-by-step.


I like to build things. I’ve built a number of applications, ranging from an repair management and tracking platform (used by a computer repair company in the Midlands) to a Event Management platform for networking and Speed-Dating events

… and more

I’ll be updating this website with whatever I feel like, so check back every so often to see what’s new.


My latest articles

Fire-Roasted Pizza Sauce

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Mushroom and Potato Paprikash

Boring Life Story Not bothered about the life story behind this paprikash recipe?  Click here to go straight to the recipe. Ever since watching Captain America: Civil War, I’ve wanted to try paprikash.  A tomato-based Read more…

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